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Hatch Tools plug-in WIP: ver.20100113

HatchTools plug-in WIP: ver.20100113

Still a little bare bones, but a lot better.

This plug-in will allow you to select lines, polylines, and curves to convert into a hatch pattern.  No help file (and a pretty nasty warning if you do hit F1 when running the command), but it SHOULD (hopefully) give you a hatch pattern which you then can import back into Rhino using File->Import->*.pat. It adds one command htMakeHatch and the options are as follows:

The only command added at this point is htMakeHatch (ht is for Hatch Tools, hopefully there will be other commands that this plug-in enables down the line)
XPadding - This adds room to the overall bounding box of the hatch in the current CPlane X direction
YPadding - This adds room to the overall bounding box of the hatch in the current CPlane Y direction
Decimation Tolerance -  Similar to the Rhino Convert command. Because all hatches are made up of straight line segments, this option lets to set how crude that conversion to polylines will be
MaxBboxGap - This may just end up replacing DecimationTolerance entirely as it is a bit more important to the overall quality. This is the maximum distance gap that any single line in a hatch definition can have. Not only are hatches all made up of straight lines, the are all infinite lines, so this lets you set how long a gap you can have relative to the bounding box of the curves selected to convert into a hatch. The higher the number, the longer the definition is, so I have been finding between 5 - 10 seems to be working.

Download it HERE.
created by: Sam Page .
release date: 01-11-2010
works in:  v4 and v5 32 bit only

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