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Smart Target Script: ver.092409

Smart Target Script: ver.09.24.09
Smart Target Script will add two commands, smartTarget and setTargetPlane. SmartTarget refocus your camera to center its view on any point you pick.  Great for keyframing, and if you find that you are running into your target (zooming has become very sluggish).  setTargetPlane resets the target depth to a chosen point. Its main use is for when you have set and locked down your camera view, but want to do a rendering with depth of field and have to set the in focus area.

Download it HERE.
created by: Sam Page .
release date: 09-24-2009
works in:  v4, v5

Updates:     This version fixes a bug that made it behave very badly when in parallel views.  This cleans it up a bit, but there are still some bugs when setting the target in parallel view in which the CPlane is not perpendicular to camera (or world).   There also seems to be a bug where the script may not stay loaded between sessions. Better, but not perfect.

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