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Motion Picture script update

Motion Picture Script and ToolBar:ver.091013
This update includes the 2/3" camera system, which is used on a few HD broadcast cameras

Motion Picture Script and ToolBar is a script that gives you preset buttons for standard camera lens that are used in Hollywood, as well as lets you set the viewport aspect ratio to match common ratios. The script adds 3 commands:
Lens - change the lens length of a camera
Aspect - set the aspect ratio of a viewport (keeps the current width of the viewport, changes the hight)
Change_Camera - changes the camera system to match what type of camera you are shooting with (if in doubt, pick DIN 35)

If using the toolbar to run these commands you will need to set the camera system once before you begin (if you don't you will get a little message asking you to do so)

Download it HERE.
created by: Sam Page, Scott Schneider.
release date: 01-20-2009
works in: v4, v5

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  1. Ah bugger. Looking at the script again, you are right, it doesn’t actually add a Change_Camera command. You can access it by either using the toolbar, or by calling it via RunScript. If you want to make an alias for it, the alias would be “_-runscript Change_Camera” (use everything in the quotes, you don’t need the quotes themselves)

    You usually don’t need to call the command explicitly, as if you try and run the Lens command and the camera isn’t set, it will first ask you to set the camera. If you are finding this isn’t the case, please let me know

    Sorry about that,

  2. Sam and Scott- thanks for the update,
    The Lens and Aspect commands seemed to have loaded fine… but Change_Camera is not being recognized as a command and is listed as Unknown… am I doing something wrong?

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